Quinta-feira, 24 de Julho de 2008

You are preaching to the choir.

Dear Political Graffiti Artist,

While it's hard to desagree with your message, we wonder if you realize that you've written on our local school. We serve the families of this local community and teach our girls to stand up for their rights, and the rights of others - so you are preaching to the choir.

More importantly, we want our students to have the beautiful school they deserve, so now we'll have to pay, once again, to have this wall re-painted. We fund raise the majority of our budget to make a high quality education affordable to the families of our community. We could have used the money we'll spend on this wall for a school trip, to reward our extremely hard-working teachers, or even to provide supplies to low-income students; instead we must now spend it on paint and labor to cover over your graffiti. It would mean a great deal to us if you would follow your own suggestion, not walk away in silence from your actions, and come to our school to offer your help in re-painting the wall. The students of the Lower East Side deserve that.







Em tempos pensei deixar uma nota muito semelhante ao tipo ou tipos que me assaltaram o carro na minha rua quatro vezes na mesma semana, mas fui preguiçoso como habitualmente.

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